Visual Storytelling


Soul & Purpose

Every picture tells a story. tell yours.

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Moments of presence

Yoga is more than just creating shapes with your body. It’s about being fully you. Why change this principle in front of a camera? Yoga photo sessions are not just about taking pictures of you in a pose, it’s about capturing your unique essence in this moment.

Full Embodiment


Getting Intimate

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Anna Grasmik

I offer complete, tailor-made photoshooting services specifically for yogis, yoga teachers, studios, retreats, trainings, yoga-related brands and businesses. My aim is to capture and communicate the most spontaneous, unique and differentiating expressions of your work.

My photographs create meaningful stories with soul and purpose, in a carefree and genuine manner, without staging, posing or rehearsing. Each photo takes life‘s moments as they unfold, conveying their natural energy, mood and feeling. The primary sources of inspiration are people, raw emotions and unique moments that manifest unique essence and expression.

Compensation for photo shootings is discretionary and based on the Māori Koha custom: clients decide the appropriate contribution for my time, effort and importantly, based on their satisfaction of the finished work. I am simply grateful for the opportunity to share what I love with the local community.

Every picture tells a story. Tell yours.